30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 27: Grounded Stretch
Robert Sidoti

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It sounds like the triangle pose should be easy but my legs really felt it. And, I did the weeble-wobble shuffle a bit until I could find balance. As for the Crow pose? I love crows but not this one. Still, I'm proud to have shown up to 27 days of yoga in one fine row.
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Robert, this is the ABSOLUTE BEST coaching I’ve ever had for getting into Crow... I could feel my feet lightening (!!!) but then I got skeert & dropped back down. However, I practiced it several more times & I WILL get there! With many thanks 🙏
Awesome Val!! Don’t be ‘skeeert’:) You got this Crow thing no problemo 💪🏼 Thanks for sharing and keep me posted on the Crow progress🙏🏽👍🧘‍♂️
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I keep on toying w/Crow - need photo of my comical variation: using the block I wind up w/my toes keeping a “death grip” on the block, I can’t quite commit myself to letting go! I’m sure it would give many a good laugh (I often joke in class that I’m there to provide the comic relief - but seriously AM feeling the benefits w/triceps, core, & hamstrings burning. Thanks again Robert!
Hey there Val !! Day 27 huh?! Good for you, it’s a lot of commitment to show up for 27 days of anything!✌️👌
I totally hear you on crow, big time fear factor of toppling over forward! Have you put some pillows and cushions out in front of you to soften the landing?:) Easker to do at home than a yoga studio, give it a try and lmk how goes! 🧘‍♂️Namaste
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Oh that was fun doing all the crow poses. I only had a few minutes and then it was so rewarding to join in and still feel that I've had a session.
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This is the 3rd or 4th time I've done this challenge. (and your other one I've done twice). Love your upbeat manner, and lovely heart. Thank you. I do much better when I know what I'm doing each day, and the length of the video is consistent. I appreciate all it takes to make these videos, and hope you'll do another at some point. (and a side note-- all the videos are glitchy now-- not sure why) With Love, Luna
Awesome Christel! Crow is such a fun and challenging pose with so many different ways to move into and out of! Keep up the amazing dedicated practice!
Wow Luna, what an uplifting and positive comment, I'm so happy to have read this at this moment, makes my day! I didn't realize you did them THAT many times, good for you! It does take a fair amount of effort from all involved with Yoga Anytime, but sooo worth it when we receive messages or comments like this. Thanks again for your comment, maybe Kira Sloane can address the glitch you speak of? I'll be shooting another series soon, be on the lookout!
Really felt the stretch down both legs and hamstrings. Enjoyed The Crow, getting better with the balancing poses. Thanks Robert. Namaste.
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