30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 29: Practice Presence
Robert Sidoti

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Awesome! thank you Robert! see you tomorrow for 30!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself, :) good day all.
Wowza, after today's session I managed to do the crow and a unsupported headstand for 30 seconds.... can't quite believe that such chilled consistency can produce such effective results.
thank you Robert.. Whats next? so sad dont want this to end!
Maria!! What a journey I've witnessed in you! Good work!
Good job Michelle! It doesn't have to end ... go back to Day 1 and hang out with me again!
ELLE? Did you make it here? You said at Day 5 you were hoping to remember some of these new poses, how's that going for you??
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Wow day 30 tomorrow! Thank you for an amazing journey and am so proud of myself for creating this new routine. I will be returning to day 1 as now I have created this morning yoga routine I would like to continue it. Thank you Robert for introducing this to Yoga Anytime. See you for Day 30 tomorrow!
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Oh and another thing I love the boat pose, and haven't done it for so long, great you introduced this to the lessons!
Congratulations Louisa! It's been great connecting with you throughout your experience, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and experience! It's nice for me to see and hear as well as it is for the others doing the challenge, we are all in this together, virtually:))
See you at Day 1 again!
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That was great! Felt very tired this morning and this helped! Think my body is starting to crave this more and more! Robert have you finished recording our next 40 min 30 day challenge!? (Practicing my manifestation skills šŸ™‚šŸ™ƒ)
Hey Sylvia ! It becomes strange or doesn't feel right, like something major is missing when we miss a day or don't practice. What a good habit this is to have:) Your manifestation skills just might be working ... See you at Day 30!!
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