30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 29: Practice Presence
Robert Sidoti

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Yes, I agree that this practice has become part of my daily routine, and that feels great! Thank you. Now, to continue beyond day 30.
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Day 29. Daily practice makes a difference. I'm stronger and more resilient than when I began. Much healing has been awakened, inside and out. Thank you for this practice!
Hi Anne Marie! How has the journey beyond 30 days been??
Heeeey Scuba Chick! Thank you for all of your comments and enthusiasm throughout your experience here!! You must be on Day 30 now??!!
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Hi Robert! The yoga journey continues! I have watched the rest of your seasons, and I decided to redo the 30 day challenge to keep my momentum going. When does your next challenge come out? I am ready!
Hi Anne Marie !!
Nice to 'see' you again! So happy you enjoy the videos, how's the body feeling?
We begin shooting sooooon!
Not sure of the turn around time, but it's happening and I can't wait to have fun with it!
Lovely routine Robert. Quality not quantity. I enjoyed combining my brath with the movement and really giving the experience my total attention. Controlling and being in the experience rather than the experience happening to me. Being present. Namaste.
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The standing poses were challenging but I got there. When I get out of the way, the practice flows easier is more graceful and I seem to float through the routine. The same applies to life. Thanks Robert. Namaste.
Thank you, already 29x20'.... Great feeling, guess I'll start again from Day 1 , such a perfect "routine" , will try two days each time, sure I have improved my flow even if some poses remain challenging,  anyhow there is always room for improvement!  Proud I did show up every day. ;))
Thank YOU Ch Marie d’I !! I'm sure you have improved your movement and breathing etc ... and it's nice to be able to do it in only 20 minutes a day! Let me/us know how it feels to double them up, I know others have done it and have said it felt great - I would recommend and say it's a good move too :) 
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