Mother Tongue: Why Sanskrit?
Anuradha & Kira

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Loved this. Her presence is palpable through the screen. Looking forward to studying Sanskrit with my heart and not my mind…:)
Thank you dear Kate for your open hearted interest in discovering the wonder that is Sanskrit :)
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I also loved this. Can you tell us again (so we can see it in writing) the name of the organization that promotes learning Sanskrit?
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Dearest Zara.
The organization helping revive spoken Sanskrit is Samskrita Bharati. You can find them here: //

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Thank you so much for making this available to us! It is a real gift! This simple yet profound presentation convinced me to follow your lessons...
I am very excitied and joyful to have these lessons available.
So much depth and love. Learning Sanskrit,study with your heart and not your mind. Thank you for that key.
Dear Macha, Welcome to the journey to discover the beauty and joy of Sanskrit! Happy to have you on board :)
Dear Katherine,
You have the secret code to tap into the wondrous beauty of Sanskrit .. open your heart, be fully present with Sanskrit and it will work its magic into your being :)
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I was so inspired by the beautiful sparkle and light in your eyes and face and smile when you talk about why you love Sanskrit. Thank you for offering this knowledge to us.
Thank you dear Lizzy, for joining and partaking of this joyous experience :)
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