Good Morning Yoga: Everyday Flow
Alana Mitnick

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Energised practice. Perfect start to the day. Really clear description of tree pose.Great Stuff!
Hi Glenford, So delighted that you enjoyed the practice!
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Hi Alana Mitnick I did all the show and I feel so great, every morning I wake up and my body needs yoga, is incredible how I can discover something new on my body, thank you very much I really enjoy your classes.
Hi Marisol, It's wonderful to hear from you! I am so happy to hear this... it always amazes me how much better I feel during and after my yoga practice... and it doesn't take much to feel a whole lot better. :) Keep it up! xoA
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This was heavenly. I would love an hour-long class at this slower pace, to really enjoy and wallow. Just a thought!
Good morning, Ali! So glad you enjoyed this slower paced flow. Stay tuned for a new 60 minute Flow Show coming in the new year! xoA
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Ooh! That is wonderful to hear! I look forward to it.
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Alana Mitnick I have been loving these practices in the morning! Just enough effort to feel open and energized, but without feeling strained or drained.  I feel ready for my day.  Thank you for this series! 🙏 
Wonderful news Elizabeth! So happy your are enjoying and getting your practice IN! Namaste, A
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I love your approach to Triangle! Super lengthening -felt great!
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