Flow Sweet Flow: Neck Unwinding
Kari Sims Anthon

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Really good neck work. Thanks
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Thanks - this sequence actually helped my headache! :)
Thank you Darlene and Julie , I am so happy that you enjoyed this practice! Would love to have you join us in person for our yogaanytime reunion in Sisters OR this April!
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This is a fantastic post-garden-raking yoga session! My shoulders and neck are sending you a virtual hug!
Jenny thanks so much for practicing with me! Happy to hear it helped your garden neck :) virtual hugs right back! 
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pure nectar, thank you !
Jane thanks for playing! Happy Spring!
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I just loved this.

This practice was a great gift for my neck and shoulders! Thank you very much, Kari! Namaste! 💝🌞❣️
Sandra Židan I am so happy that you found some relief! Wonderful to continue to practice together. "See you" again soon!

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