Heartful: Tonglen Practice
Kira Sloane

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Thank you, Kira.
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Thank you, Kira, for such clear and loving instruction on the challenging practice of tonglen.
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Thanks Kira for sharing this beautiful practice. I'd like to hearing something about you. Love ❤️
Ana, missing you!
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hola preciosa!
as you said-" if you havent yet "mastered" the skills of compassion and loving kindness please go back to those practises"
- I totally had the sensation of just not being as compassionate and loving as I could be - and I also wondered if this was even ever going to be possible - to be so totally compassionate and kind. Anyway I thought I better go back!
Thanks for reminding me not to be in a rush - why do i need a "fierce " practise anyway- though I must add I loved the image of the exploding black pearl and the diamond sparkling so clearly -
have a wonderful day!
Dearest Michelle, I so hope I have not discouraged you. These practices are meant to expose us to ourselves. Seeing yourself clearly as you did, means it was successful! I have found great freedom in knowing the depths of my smallness. Glad you are here. With Love, Kira
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gosh Kira - quite the contrary! I am amazed at the very real tangible connection I feel to you and the practices you share without us ever having met-I feel encouraged and supported to go deeper but simple realise I have a tendency to "rush" - and so decided to go back to loving kindness and do a little more "homework!" I thank you - and everyone at yoga anytime from the bottom of my heart! have a wonderful day
Michelle, I am so grateful to your sharing of your experience this morning. Happy to be practicing together. Love, Kira
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I have been suffering so much over the atrocities with the immigrant families torn apart and tramautized by border patrol. This practice helped a tiny bit. I need to do it everyday. Remembering the diamond in my heart that cannot suffer grounds me. Thank you, Kira!
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