Heartful: Tonglen Practice
Kira Sloane

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Oh, Melissa the border situation is so awful. Thank you for your very essential help from your heart. Pay close attention to how the meditation morphs to be just right for the situation and report back. LOVE
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What a wonderful practice. Thank you for you loving guidance.
Thank you for being here, Linda. xok
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This just appeared when I really needed a technique to focus my desire to help some folks who are in my life, and suffering. I love that this can remain completely anonymous. And yet completely transform. The dynamic of helplessness in the face of suffering begins to shift...
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This practice - is so powerful. I have started to do this practice for my students when they rest in shavasana. Secretly...!
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Kate it's amazing to see what shifts even if something is not on the conscious surface. How wonderful of you to share this practice with your students, whether they realize it or not. Helping others does so much for ourselves and our own cultivation of joy.
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Ashley-Marie Olgado it is amazing how this practice makes a qualitative difference in the atmosphere in the class. And it has ripples that permeate other events in my days. There is a natural opening of the heart that allows connection to be recognized (it's always there, at the deepest level).
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It is so sweet when you say at the end of this practice, "Good work my yogi friend!" It goes through the screen and through time and I just know that you're talking to ME... (And I think everyone might feel something similar!)
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Kate, that's so beautifully expressed. Thank you for the reminder :)
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A Beautiful  Practice
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