Yin Yoga: Sciatica Relief
Kate Smith

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I hear ya, Tracy C !!! I did a happy baby yesterday that felt the same!! It's so "painful" (maybe it sounds better to say uncomfortable ;) and yet when I take the time to do it, I feel SO MUCH BETTER after just a few minutes. If the tension is there, I am grateful to have a way to endure and RELEASE it.... Thanks for practicing with me. Love love and more LOVE coming your way...
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These are great tools for sciatica, which has been barking this week for the first time in months. Towards the end I definitely eased some of my lower back tightness, but the whole time was enjoyable and dug the three-pronged mantra. Your leg drop to the floor during half-happy baby is inspiring (would be nice to have the ground support me in that pose).  
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Enjoyed hearing that this was a helpful practice for a sciatica flare-up, David Goldstein :) In regards to the leg drop, I appreciated this feedback because it made me realize I was missing the gratitude for the fact that my leg can drop like that. I was taking it for granted....not any more thanks to you, David!! You could possibly use a bolster or a stack of pillows/blankets to support your leg and be your "floor"support.... worth a shot to try...  Grateful for your comment. I send LOVE in your direction 
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Hi Kate,
Thank you so much for this wonderful practice - I had my first real sciatica attack - shocking how painful it is - something Ive heard of for years but never experienced. I had to   go to doc - for the first time in about twenty years and received an injection in the glut which certainly helped . It relieved the pain so much that I was able to do this session yesterday and am about to repeat it as it just felt so wonderful! It´s such a relief to know there are tools at hand!
Thank you again!
have a wonderful day
Woohoo! Michelle F, this has made my day... !! Sounds like you are tackling the issue wisely - get the shot to relieve the pain and then get back to "work" healing with yoga. I'm inspired by your efforts! Sending you much love and healing vibes.
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Hi Katy,
Just did it again - this time felt like i wanted to continue, so combined it with lower back love  session- and wow does my back feel glad! 
Thanks for kind words and encouragement!
loveandpea cexxx
Even better, Michelle F  !! You are truly staying the course with your healing! Cosmic High Fives coming your way !! So glad the yoga is working....I'm always so impressed and re-inspired when I become patient enough with my body to ALLOW the yoga to work. Love love love....Happy to know your low back is feeling the LOVE!
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Oh wow, two day in and I’m already finding back and hip relief. Grateful blessings to you for this practice. Tears of joy!
P Janine K I am SO glad to hear this! I have been out of town staying at a house with no internet so my apologies for the delayed response!  I did a great deal of research before I "created" this series -- both by asking professional bodyworker friends and also by practicing over and over again with my own body. Recently, I had a hip issue come up due to a mishap and I turned back to these poses myself. After months repetition with these poses, I am pain free again! Woohoo!

I am genuinely grateful to know that this practice worked for you. Brings true joy to my heart. I send you love love and more LOVE! Keep up the good work with your amazing body!
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