Keepin' it Real: Fitness Flow
Robert Sidoti

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OMG, What a Workout!
Very good,
I love this, but i think my class will hate me if i do that with them
I hope Snoopy ist still alive?
Haha Heike ! Glad you enjoyed, or I think you enjoyed:))? Either way, Snoopy is alive and well doing planks, pushups and squats daily!! Stay in touch!!
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Hey Robert Sidoti , this was great! Tried it yesterday and only did 2 rounds; accomplished all 3 today! Definitely broke a sweat too. Question: On the asymmetrical push ups, are the arms parallel when bent like chaturanga, or are the elbows going outward, away from the body?
Good for you Paige! You progressed quickly, wow! Ahhhh, the push up, great question. They can be done several ways ... Quick answer is always keep you elbows stacked over your wrists during entire movement. So if you do the 'chaturanga' yoga style push up, you hug arms to side body and bend to a max of 90 degrees keeping elbows over wrists ... you can also place your hands wider than shoulders and turn elbows away from body (different muscle groups worked in this variation, easier for some people this way too), be sure to take a good look at the placement of the elbows as you lower, they are optimally stacked directly above wrists, similar to a supportive post, otherwise your elbow joint will be taking all the stress of the movement and over time this is not good at all. See below for further thoughts.
Cont: Additionally, you'll want to keep the arms at 90 degrees when lowering, any more than that (unless you are super conscious and strong) could strain the shoulders unnecessarily:) Hope this is helpful Paige, keep the questions coming, I'm sure they help others as well:))
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Got it!! Thanks Robert Sidoti that helps a ton!! I will have to try both variations :)
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Wow that was great! Nice workout -- love the strengthening with intention. Also your voice is warm and soothing and you are funny as ever! Excellent!
So happy you enjoyed the workout ... it's such a good feeling when you can experience a great workout with good focused intention:) See you again soon in another video!!
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Thank you! I was unmotivated to go to the gym. This practice allowed me to embrace that decision.
You’re welcome Shelley ! Sometimes it’s just so hard to make it to the gym🙄 I made a similar decision recently and it felt great! Have a great day!
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