Practice with Patricia: Strengthen Your Legs
Patricia Sullivan

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Thank you so much. Love the calm clear delivery and the practical information on sitting down rather than plopping.
Hello Angela, I think I let this slip and wanted to let you know how pleased I am you found this class useful. It's fun work and, indeed, practical. Thanks for tuning in!
Patricia, this work was good, focussed fun for me. Better yet, it gives me some useful ways to work with some of my students with knee problems. Thank you! Btw, this is the Christy from ages gone by (PYS). Really appreciate your work now, then, and always.
After all these years, how sweet; and how good to know there's something you can pass on to your students with knee problems. I see you're working with teens - super! Much Love, P
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this is such good and helpful work! How often would you suggest doing this sequence?
SO wonderful! I love the squatting twist that moves into the upper-register of the spine. Thank you.
So glad you enjoyed this work. Nothing like restraining something in order to let something else feel it's way to moving or waking up. I'm speaking of the pelvic resistance involved here - I hope that makes sense! Love and thanks!
Marleen, you asked how often to do this sequence and I would say if you feel challenged by the work that you might want to incorporate it several times a week for a couple of weeks until you feel things coming easier. Then maybe less often until the parts most juicy for you get incorporated into your practice. I do some of these several times a week. Let me know how it goes for you!
Did this as a prep for a long got the joints of ankles, knees, hips, shoulders stacking well .
Hi Cicero,
Stacking and tracking the joints of the legs is definitely a key to moving with more ease. So glad you're using these sequences so wisely.
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