45 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounded and Fluid Flow
Rosemary Garrison

Watch this Practice
Mmmmhhh, thanks Chris . So sweet to hear!
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Nice flow, Rosemary!  The building of heat with the sun salutations allowed me to extend and feel my body in the later poses.  Thank you!
Wonderful, Holly N ! It's a beautiful experience to feel the practice supporting the practice, isn't it?! Be well, R
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Thank you Rosemary, this was a great flow for my tired legs and hips!
Yay! So happy to hear it, Laura M .
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Good afternoon, Rosemary. Another rainy Saturday. I am inhabiting these poses much more from the inside out, keeping my eyes closed longer to listen, relax, reset. The arm balance was motivating to watch, and I realized that my adrenaline has transformed into a more mindful energy. I was much more in tune with coordinating my breathing with yours as well.  Namaste  
It's wonderful to hear more about the subtleties of your practice, David G- . That realm is so fascinating and rich for me... and ultimately where the physical practice is guiding us. 
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