Good Morning Yoga: Nourishing Morning Flow
Alana Mitnick

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Great way to start a sunny Wisconsin Saturday! We are excited for Season 6!
Hi Kit & Dee Dee! So nice to "see you" and practice together for a new season! Love from Ojai, Alana
What a lovely practice. Thank you!
Perfect! Just what I needed. Thanks Alana!
HI Melissa! So delighted to be practicing together. Glad you're here! xoA
Hi Paul! So happy you enjoyed the practice! xoA
Perfect! So glad you're back with Good Morning Yoga. Loved it!
Hi Cindy! I'm so delighted to hear that you enjoyed the first practice of Season 6! Please keep me posted. :) Love, Alana
Great sequence Thank you
Hi Eric, I'm glad you enjoyed the practice! Thank YOU for being here. xoA
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