The Heart's Delight: A Summertime Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Committed
Sarah Beston

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Fantastic, Susan! Definitely let me know how that goes. Have a great week!
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Another beautiful practice. I really love starting out in table top and exploring movement from there before building into sun salutations and standing and balancing postures. Your cues give exactly what I seem to need. I loved eagle arms in Vira 1, opening the heart and dipping into humble warrior. And the closing sequence on the mat was serene and sublime. Thank you Sarah.
Really beautiful hearing how this practice landed with you, Ali! You're very welcome and thanks again for checking in! 
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Really sweet pacing in this practice, Sarah! Happy Easter, Happy Spring!! Many thanks...
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Kate, I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend! Here in Joshua Tree, the cacti are all starting to blossom. Happy Spring!
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Happy day! It feels like summer on a lot of levels today, so I thought I'd try this practice. Thanks so much, Sarah.
I love that you chose this one for today, Lori C! Sending lots of love and light your way. Warmly, Sarah
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Thank you! 
I enjoy your flows and sequences, feels good. 
+aftertaste of the practice
Love it!
Hi Julia A! So happy to be practicing with you here. Thank you for sharing your experience and glad you’re enjoying the classes. Stay close and let me know how future classes go! Warmly, Sarah
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i did eagle legs for the first time in years today. what a really nice series this is proving to be - thanks very much. 
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