Welcome to Yoga: Moving with Our Breath
Kira Sloane

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Thank you, Kira Sloane  for this great class! I have to say: I am blown away. I have been going to a yoga studio for a year now, but I never learned basics like the breathing technique or what namaste actually means. And I realized I have so troubles with the lunges because my arms are too short. So I'm gonna go and try to buy some yoga blocks. 
I'm gonna work myself through the first season over the next weeks. What do you recommend, how often should I do yoga and how often should I repeat the individual classes?
Dearest Julie, thank you for being here and great questions! 

Making a schedule you can keep is the best plan. If three times a week is too much, then twice a week is a better choice! Some members land on a favorite practice and rarely deviate. Others try a new class every day. There is no wrong way, only a particular right way for you.

And yet, you are touching on something very true. Repetition of a familiar sequence can lead to mastery in smaller more nuanced aspects of the practice.
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Julie, contining here:

Since you are newer to online yoga, you might check out this show for extra tips, Yoga @ Home:

Let us know if you would like us to recommend a few next shows to check out.


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Thank you Kira! I am new to yoga and after completing ’Moving with our breath’ I am feeling inspired and ready to move forward with my practice. 
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Oh, my apologies, I forgot to say ‘greetings from the UK’. Jo 
Jo, so glad you are here! Yoga will take good care of you if trust your inner knowing. LOVE. xok
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I loved this workout. Such a great start o my yoga adventure. Thank you Kira :)
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Joanna, welcome home to you! xok
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I love your ability to be playful and the fact that I can see you enjoying what you are doing! The yoga moves make a huge difference,  I really feel it in my shoulders throughout the day.  I'm new to yoga all together here, but your instructions are well thought out and helpful.
Nicole, so happy you are here and that the yoga is making a difference! Yes, I do love to share this practice. Stay close and keep sharing. xoKira
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