Welcome to Yoga: Moving with Our Breath<br>Kira Sloane

Welcome to Yoga: Moving with Our Breath
Kira Sloane

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Ana N
Great sequence for beginners (we always are) ! Thanks dear Kira. xoxo
Kira Sloane
Ana Love. Missing you. xok
Sarah M
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Wonderful session. great to go back to basics after sometime away from yoga. Thanks
Kira Sloane
Hi Sarah. So happy to hear! Welcome back to yoga! xo k
Tex W
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Just like being YFSWG. Thanks Kira. Beautiful.
Kira Sloane
TEX! Miss You! Happy Holidays. xokira
Mary B
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Always so sweet to be with you. Much love, M
Thank you, Kira
Deb C
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gosh, i really needed this. wonderful teacher, really great and clear instruction. I love the bus stop quote, feeling ready for my day now . Namaste!
Kira Sloane
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Deb, Love. Sweet to be here together.
Kira Sloane
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Mary....counting the days to Corvallis.
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