Your Body on Yoga: Thank You<br>Kristin Leal

Your Body on Yoga: Thank You
Kristin Leal

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Jenny S
Thank YOU Kristin! I really enjoyed this series. I learned so much through your gentle and fun style. Blessings to you 🙏🏻❤️
Kristin Leal
I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the series Jenny !!! Thank you for being here!
Kate M
Thank you from the bottom of MY heart! This series has been quite eye-opening and transformative. It has given me a strong desire to continue to investigate this mystery that we inhabit.
Kelly G
Thank you, this series was so enlightening
Kristin Leal
Thank YOU Kelly !!
Kristin Leal
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I'm so happy to hear that Kate !
Sherrie E
Thank you Kristin for this lovey course. A beautiful experience!
Kristin Leal
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Thank YOU Sherrie for practicing with me! So happy you enjoyed it!
Lorraine Marek
That was a great way to explain the heart, lungs & how yoga relates to our bodies. I will use this knowledge when I teach yin yoga to older adults. Thanks
Kristin Leal
Thank you so much Lorraine! Happy you're here!
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