Aligned and Awake: Careful Core Strength
Nathan Briner

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Abs are feeling it...but the lovely savasana was a sweet reward. You really do the nicest savasanas!
Aww thank you Jenny
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I have enjoyed each and everyone of the practices you put together. The detail and instruction on the poses has helped/allowed me to really experience being in my practice. Thank you so much!
I’m very happy to hear that M Angela! Namaste 🙏
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The prep work for chatturanga was very helpful because I don't have very strong triceps for chaturanga and that is the pose I am and still working on . Thank you!
Thank you Jeannie S.! If you have any questions about ways of modifying or building stages please don’t hesitate to ask :)
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woooowwwww Love it!!!!the Tolasana tip was amazing... thank you... I looooooove your classes!!!!!!
You’re welcome Janet!!
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I think I found my favorite Anytime instructor! Thank you, Nathan. You are so easy to follow and the pace is perfect; challenging yet allowing for full breaths. Even though I've been doing yoga daily for years, I learned how to correct and enjoy better a few of my favorite poses. Namaste and gratitude!
Thank you Lorrie !! I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the lessons. I am in the process of building new sequences for Yoga Anytime. Are there any information or pose techniques you’ve been hunting for? 
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