Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 6: Integrated Core
Shelley Williams

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Nadia Perhaps in the future! We have already filmed this challenge in its entirety, but can definitely request to get some combo classes in at another time :)
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Shelley, this practice is so perfect for me right now...thank you!
Don Thanks for your comment! So glad you are liking it.... and of course feel free to repeat the practices that really work for you! My best~
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Appreciate the "technical aspect"of this practice, the soup bowl image clarified the concept. Also appreciating the depth of clarification of the poses.
Christel You are most welcome! Sometimes understanding the important role the pelvic tilt plays in core work can make all the difference. Happy practicing, and hope your sound is coming through mo better :)
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Did this class again) 4th time already ❤️ continuing the topic of jokes: I smile each time to the one "where's my leg, is it on someone else's body"))
Hi Nadia ! How great, glad to hear it is worthy of repeating :) Sometime's I feel like my leg is so far away... teehee
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Shelley, what's "teehee"?))

Yes, I found your other videos. Thank you)
Nadia Hi there! "teehee" is just a way of writing a giggle or a laugh
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Fabulous! Thank you for another great practice!
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