30 Minute Yoga Flows: Easeful Spine
Sarah Beston

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I just love this practice. It is the perfect counterbalance to hiking and kayaking this week. Thanks so much, Sarah! 
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Hi Lori C! Wow you've had an active week with hiking and kayaking ... sounds like so much fun! I am happy that this practice met you this week. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
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Such a beautifully intentional flow! Thank you Sarah!
Thank you for practicing with me here, Lily A! Wishing you a beautiful week. Warmly, Sarah
Nice practice! Thanks, Sarah! Namaste! 💖
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Thanks for practicing with me and sharing, Sandra Židan!
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Thank you, Sarah!  It was a good sequence, the perfect way to unwind from my work week.  I have this episode saved in one of my go to playlists.
So nice to hear, Holly N! Happy to be practicing with you here. Wishing you a beautiful spring!
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