30 Minute Yoga Flows: Continuous Flow<br>Sarah Beston

30 Minute Yoga Flows: Continuous Flow
Sarah Beston

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Sarah Beston
Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Joy E! I’m so happy to be practicing with you here.
Silke I
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Oh this was wonderful! What a nice flow and I loved the strength postures. Thank you for the good energy this morning, Sarah!
Sarah Beston
I am so happy to hear, Silke I! Thanks so much for practicing with me and so nice to hear from you. Sending warm wishes from California!
Sandra Židan
This was very interesting snd challenging practice for me and I feel great after doing it! Thanks, Sarah! Namaste! 💗
Sarah Beston
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Sandra Židan, as always that you so much for sharing your experience of the practice. It's always so nice to hear. Sending warmth, Sarah
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