30 Minute Yoga Flows: Hands Free Flow
Sarah Beston

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My hips made a cracking noise also my spine never happened before in four years but felt ok
Hi Peter, That is really interesting about your spine and hips - how are you feeling now? Wishing you a beautiful week and glad to be practicing together here on Yoga Anytime!
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Really enjoy your practices and the poses you choose. I have been doing a lot of cycling these days - while it has toned me up and given me strength, I have lost control of my breath. This was a wonderful re-introduction to the power of yoga breathing. Thank you!
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Thank you Sarah! As someone who has been suffering with a wrist injury, it is so helpful to be able practice a truthful and warming flow again.
Hi Sarah, my apologies for the delayed response, I must have missed this. I couldn't agree more about the power of the breath and find that to be the most powerful (and differentiating) factor of yoga vs. other forms of movement. Thanks for connecting in! Warm regards.
Hi Renee! I am so sorry to hear about your wrist injury - what happened? I tweaked my wrist a few weeks ago as well and it was really helpful to revisit this. Thanks so much for reaching out! 
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Hi Sarah. I loved this class! I take all of your classes regularly, however I found this class challenging, especially dolphin and hero. I will continue to practice this class to build strength and flexibility! Peace.
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Hi Diane, thanks so much for practicing and for letting me know! I personally find this practice challenging as well - especially dolphin pose! Definitely stay close and let me know how it continues to evolve for you! All the best, Sarah
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Another beautiful practice for starting the day and opening up those sticky spots.  My whole body is gently pulsating and energised. Thanks Sarah.  Namaste. 
So nice to hear from you, Glenford and so happy to hear that this was a nice practice to start your day! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a beautiful start to the week! Warm regards, Sarah
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