Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence v.6
Rosemary Garrison

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My first practice since having shoulder surgery. Perfect balance and not too strenuous on it! Excited to be getting back into my routine XO
Welcome back! And here's to healing. Xxo
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Lovely practice...just flowed beautifully encouraged by the soothing lilt of Rosemary’s voice. Many thanks :) x
Lovely to share it with you, dear Julie . Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Xxo
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That was soooo great - yummy! thankyou 🙏🏼🙏🏼💜
Yay for yummy, Julie M !!! Thank you so much. Happy day. 
Thanks for this wonderful practice, Rosemary! Kind regards!
My pleasure! Thanks for sharing it with me, Sandra Židan 
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Thanks for sharing this flow. Felt so good, and also pushed myself when I faced the screen and saw your rotations and bends. Last night I free-formed my first plow, and today I had my easiest bow and really extended into it. Soooo good. The repetition of doing this season is paying off.  I made a resolution to smile more during my practice, and I am smiling writing this. Namaste! 
Yay for your first plow and for smiling more. I'm smiling too! Namaste. 
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