Yoga for Emotions: Lighten Up
Sonia Isart Sanou

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Divine little practice. You always make me smile with your Spirit (:
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This was wonderful! It got me warm and filled with energy, and it was soothing for my aching back. I loved it!
Molt maco ! Merci Sonia
Very good! Thank you! Added to my favorites!
Perfect energizing practice for summer in Houston! The heat and humidity can make me feel very low energy... This was awesome! Love your sweet accent:) Thank you.
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Dwar Tesa, i haven't been doing this practice for quite a bit now and you just inspired me to revisit it and feel energized. Thanks for sharing. Really happy it was usefull.
Oh this was very nice! thank you!
Such a beautiful and intriguing practice - I want to keep following it where it goes on its winding path. Thank you so much.
Wow, this was absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes I wonder, does my mind dictate my yoga practice or does my yoga dictate my mind. Before I step onto the mat, is my mind already in a place where it's set up to have a beautiful practice or can the yoga actually change its direction? Not sure if that makes sense...?
Hi carig, thanks for the feedbakc. To me what you say makes all the sense, if we could always allow the practice to guide us, if we could lin more on intuiton than yoga would be there more often than if we just set our mind to do something specific. To me, -and i am not saying this is an absolute or rgiht for everyone,- freedom is the key. But as our teacher Ravi Ravindra would say, freedom comes from surrendering and obeying. Funny eh?
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