Yoga for Emotions: Lighten Up<br>Sonia Isart Sanou

Yoga for Emotions: Lighten Up
Sonia Isart Sanou

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John Jackson
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Thank you Sonia. I completely follow what you're saying. After all, Yoga is just about being where you are in that moment and so if the mind is set up for a beautiful practice or a less beautiful practice, we just watch everything and let it be. The mind is just such a complex thing - the way it changes day by day, often without any sort of link or cause just fascinates me.
Joan J
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Lovely practice, I so enjoyed the undulation and flow of the cat/cow, and feeling the difference in my energy when doing the postures this way. A wonderful session that gave me the energy I needed today. Grateful for your teaching.
Sònia Isart
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Joan Jotz, thanks for your feedback and comments.
David G-
Sonia, I had a recovery weekend, and this was certainly one highlight. I love moving meditations. In plank, I wanted more of the skull to heart center breathing. 
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