Good Night Yoga: Restful Night Practice
Dana Slamp

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Vanessa E that is just what I. Love to hear!  Thanks for the feedback & I hope to see you on the mat again soon!
My body was so thankful for the gentle care before bed. Such a beautiful and spiritual connection to my body and a great way to “listen” to its needs before bed. 
Leah W  Thanks for sharing. I hope it serves you & that you can practice with us again soon!
Love this class, thank you Dana. I don't have much yoga experience, so it is a new journey to me, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard your voice with some pauses of silence in practice.. It made such a relaxing and  focused experience. Thank you.  Svitlana
Svitlana D You are so welcome! I hope you keep coming back to your practice again & again! Warmly, Dana
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