Good Night Yoga: Bedtime Sleep Routine
Dana Slamp

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Wonderful!  Even included my cat and really leaves a floating feeling of peace
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Brilliant!  My cat loved yoga.  Keep practicing Esperanza, Dana
What a fun and relaxing practice thanks so much
You’re welcome, Robin!  Sleep tight, Dana
Such a gentle practice to drift off with! Thank you for a great practice:)
Our pleasure, Nicole.  Sleep well!
such a nurturing practice. The dark has settled in here and the crickets are now in full song. So peaceful: )
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Aw, I loved how you tuned into the nighttime sounds of nature too.  So divine!  
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I have had IBS all my life. Tonight it was painful, so I  tried this video. I feel so much better now!  This will become part of my routine now. 
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Nicole thanks for sharing your story.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that your practice helped you manage discomfort and pain. Keep practicing - and I am sending you love and support from here. Warmly, Dana
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