Good Night Yoga: Bedtime Sleep Routine<br>Dana Slamp

Good Night Yoga: Bedtime Sleep Routine
Dana Slamp

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Sandra Židan
Great practice! Thanks, Dana! 
Dana Slamp
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Sandra Židan You’re so welcome - sleep well
Lina S
Very calming and relaxing. I don't remember why it's relaxing to put a blanket or pillow on the belly. Why having something on the belly is relaxing?

Dana Slamp
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Lina S Good question!  This is very individual as to whether it feels relaxing or not.  From an evolutionary/neurological perspective, we think it's because humans don't want to leave their viscera exposed if we are in an unsafe place where there may be predators.  Not everyone feels that covering is relaxing though - personally I feel grounded and comforted when I use a blanket on my belly. 
Hey Dana, this is just superbly delicious. Thanks for your gorgeous way of embodying the practice too. And your forgiveness meditation made me cry with that weird mixture of sorrow and joy when I listened and sang along a few weeks back. Thank you. You make the world a better and kinder place, Namaste, Annie
Dana Slamp
Annie  Thank you so much for sharing this. The world doesn’t always feel kind these days! How amazing that you could find this in your practice & recieve it. And thank you, yoga! 🙏🙏🙏
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