Active Recovery Yoga Challenge: Day 4: Hands, Forearms, Adductors
Lydia Zamorano

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The forearm compression and finger stretching work was different than others I’ve tried in the past, and very effective. But the really cool thing for me was that the adductor work gave me more flexibility in my quads than I’ve ever had before (I have extremely tight quads) and this gave me such a rush! 😎✌️
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Edited: I meant HAMSTRINGS ... I have crazy tight hamstrings! I guess I was so “high” my brain temporarily glitched LOL 😂
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Lydia I became a fan of your oscillation practices 2 years ago, and these are great to add on.  This is especially wonderful.  My hands and wrists are tight, my hands & fingers have some arthritis, so this is so helpful.  I love massaging the forearms and hands with an elbow....glorious.  So grateful to have you back🌾🏵🦋.
(I hope they can resolve the issue of the videos stopping)
Hi Joan! My wrists are tight too! I've been playing with a lot of different ways to ease up the congestion in these areas and I'm so happy you find these soothing. 
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Yes...when was the last time I gave my hands and wrists some love? Thanks for this insightful practice Lydia.  Felt like I was walking on air after the hamstring to stretches and a real sense of freedom in my pelvis. I meditate after each practice seven days a week and will aim to repeat your challenge three or four times for maximum benefit. Namaste. 
Glenford This is the best news. Thank you for your sweet feedback. Namaste. 
Loving this series!  Every episode seems to be the perfect match to what I needed to work on.  Thanks Lydia
Sarah That is so great to hear!! Hope you are well and healthy Sarah. Thank you for your feedback. Love. Lydia 
That felt so liberating for my hands! Love the way you use the forearm to massage out the inner opposite forearm. One prop you will never misplace! A little query about putting a dowel under the extended hamstring: might there be a problem with compressing the sciatic nerve? I learned that it was safer to have the knee bent when applying pressure there...
Kate Hi! Thank you for your feedback! With the pressure on the extended hamstring.. for me it is about how much pressure is applied and really tuning into if the nervous system feels safety in the application! If there is teeth clenching and zinging or pain, I ease up until I feel that good itch that comes and I can feel more release. It's likely a personal journey for different bodies. Does this make sense? Love! Lydia 
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