20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hips, Core, and Glutes
Sarah Beston

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So happy to hear, Kate! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! All the best, Sarah
Oh that divine dance of ease and effort, Glenford! Thank you so much for trying out this practice again! Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Sarah
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A  beautiful fluid and energised practice with grace charm and a certain degree of difficulty. I'm still combining with Rosemary Garrison's 10 Day Meditation challenge for a dynamic start to each day. Namaste. 
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Still loving this  20 minute challenge.  I have an idea. Why not create a new challenge which combines 20 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation? I'm sure it would be popular. Namaste 
I love your idea, Glenford! I will definitely pass that along. Our show, Move to Meditate, includes a collection of practices in preparation for meditation with each practice ending in meditation. I do love the idea of a challenge though. All my best, Sarah
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Thank you Sarah for a creative, mindful, and deep practice. Yum!
You are so very welcome, Jillian! I am so happy this was a good practice for you! Have a beautiful day, Sarah
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I am repeating the challenge again with meditation to round off 30 minutes of bliss and an inspiring start to my day. Namaste.
Namaste, Glenford! Sounds like a great plan!
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Great sequence. Thank you 
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