20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hips, Core, and Glutes
Sarah Beston

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Thanks for practicing with me, Renee! Wishing you a beautiful new week. Stay well, Sarah
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Great practice! I loved the theme of the figure 4 shape, and the smooth & creative transitions! Just what I needed. Thanks :) 
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Thank you for the note, Laura! I love hearing about your experiences of the practice and I’m glad this sequence met you where you are. All the best, Sarah
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wonderful, quick way to energize the hips
Hi Ruth! I’m so happy to hear! Stay close and keep me posted on how your practices are going. Warmly, Sarah
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That was a perfect sequence after my run! Can you do more of the 20 mins routines? That would be great! Thank you! Namaste!
Hi Anda S! Thanks so much for reaching out and I’m glad these 20 minute practices are helpful. I hope to film more in the future! Warmly, Sarah
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