Yoga for Anxiety: Feel Supported<br>Jillian Pransky

Yoga for Anxiety: Feel Supported
Jillian Pransky

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Roslyn G
This class really helped me in feeling more grounded.  I really liked the analogy of the hourglass.
Roslyn thank you so much for letting me know. I am so glad it helped you to feel more grounded. (PS. I use the hourglass all the time - even secretly when I'm in a challenging conversation with my 17 year old!) May you be well. 
Victoria B
Beautiful practice - feel so calm to start my day - thank-you 🙏
Victoria I am so glad that the practice helped you start your day more calm. Thank You! 
Sandra Židan
Beautiful practice! Thank you very much, Jillian!
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Sandra Thank you for practicing.  

Amanda H
I loved the sand draining through the hourglass, great for grounding.Thankyou so much.Namaste.
Amanda H I'm so happy to hear! May you enjoy and be well.
Astrid P
Thank you so much for this soft practice! Due to long covid my usual practice is just too much and I feel anxious about the future. So this practice really helped me to relax again. Anyway I love soft practices to integrate them in my own classes. So at the moment I get a lot of lovely ideas for this due to my search for rejuvenating yoga. Thanks!
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