Yoga for Anxiety: Meditation for Arriving
Jillian Pransky

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These techniques are very cool 😎. I am feeling quite grounded and held. I have no doubt this practice will be of use for me when I’m feeling myself freaking out...😱
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I'll be right there with you then - when you are freaking out  ; )  ....  and you got this... Thank you for practicing.
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I love this meditation, it has made a huge difference. Feeling very grounded and calm, thank you 🙏🏻
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Wendy  Thank you for practicing. So glad it resonated with you and returned you to your grounded self.
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Hey Jillian, I've done four of your practices over the past two days, the two 25 minute asana classes and this meditation and the elevator one. I'm so impressed by the ease with which they (and your deceptively skilled teaching) all work so deeply on the body and mind. With the meditations it's an absolute winner: the combo of breath and visualisation. I've never worked with them in quite this way and I'm so keen to share with others when I start teaching again come April. And will be giving a big acknowledgement to you when I do!! Huge thanks and Aroha from Annie all the way over the seas in Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Dear Annie  Thank you so much for practicing and sharing your experience. I'm so happy to hear you have discovered that these practices work deeply together. I did create each episode to work well alone, while I also designed the "whole" show to be an integrated journey.....  May you continue to experience their benefits.  And thank you for the healing you practice and share with others.  Huge Gratitude right back to you - straight from.... New Jersey ; ) 
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LOVE LOVE LOVE these two breath meditations with the root chakra mudras!!! Many many thanks.
Love, Light, and Gratitude xoxoxo
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Jane thank you so much for practicing with me here. I'm so happy to know that these meditations served you. May all beings find a little extra grounding and calm this season..... Namaste! Jillian

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I just have to add how much this meditation has been resonating with me lately on such a profound level.  After repeatedly using this particular grounding meditation,  the more I am called to return to this practice over and over again.   It's all I really want to do at the body craves it.   What you have created is a tonic for the soul!!  

I am going to share this gorgeous meditation practice  with my students honoring you and sharing the gifts of grounding & peace!  

My intention for the next week is to bring this practice multiple times  during the day breathing into palms and fingers. 

With Deep Gratitude & Love,   Jane
Jane Thank you again for practicing ... and deepening your practice. I am glad it is serving you and you're experiencing both the simplicity and how profound it can be. Be well! Jillian

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