Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 1: Earth Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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This was deeply grounding...throughout the practice I felt almost “glued” to the earth beneath me. I also experienced an almost mysterious sense of longing that I just can’t place...perhaps the homework and journaling will help me find the answer... I just love this deep diving into the somatic realm 🙏🏻
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Love that expansiveness coming from being rooted then feeling the whole earth beneath us.  (“I feel the earth under my skin.....”. Carol King sang through my mind.)
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Beautiful, intense work. Finding our place...standing...rooting... it really transforms asana practice.
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@Jenny, glued to the earth! Sounds like you are being held. I agree, that mysterious longing sounds like a good entry for journaling. Where do you feel that longing in your body? 
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Christel wonderful to find expansiveness that comes from the ground. Thank you for your share. 
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Kate wonderful! I look forward to hearing more about what transforms for you. 
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missing your voice! thanks suniti from portugal this beautifull place in the earth this practice was so feminine so grounding and love.
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I really enjoyed this class and increasing my awareness of how I am moving, especially through the feet as I transition through poses. Thank you.
What a neat and different practice!! I felt taller by the end, and more ethereal. Thank you!
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Rita Hello! So happy to see you here. 
Love your comment ❤️
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