The Vinyasa Show: Ignite Your Fire
Brenda Lear

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Wish my core is like yours. You are amazing.
Love you, Mom
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Wow! This is great! So challenging, but so much fun!
Jennifer, happy to hear you had fun with this one...sometimes we can make core work so daunting and lose the connection to our breath. It brought a smile to my face thinking about you doing the practice with a smile on yours.
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def got what what I was looking for here. and it warmed me up too! hoping I can sense my strength after doing it a couple more times, because it was hard!
ps I always appreciate guidance on when to breathe. thx!
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Elizabeth...this one warms me up too :) When we do a core focused practice, most of us tend to tighten around the breath creating a hardness and constriction. I have been having a lot of fun, playing with the concept "fake it till you make it", in those moments that I want to strain and try harder, I am focusing more on being tender with my breath allowing the ease in the effort. Thx for the note!
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Wouuuu!What a spark! Thanks Brenda!
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Exactly what Brenda says, it ignites the core fire! It's quick, fierce, and challenging.
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OMG my core was on fire!! I had a baby about 1 year ago and really need to concentrate on all areas but core has been hardest to bounce back. Thank you! Love that it is such an impact in a short time. I was sweating after 3 minutes. Yay!
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Awesome class. Brenda always balances physically challenging with spiritually peaceful.
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Absolutely loved this practice! Just perfect to kick my butt and center my heart on this sunny Sunday. Can't wait to practice with you more. Thank you!
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