Yoga Nidra: Multidimensional Being
Kristin Leal

Watch this Practice
Beautiful practice!! Thank you

Thank you so much Laura for being here!
That was great before bed after a hectic day thanks
Oh I'm so happy it was useful for you Lorraine ! Thanks for being here:)
oh so happy you enjoyed it Bridgid !
Kristin, I’m obsessed with your classes. This was exactly what I needed today. Thank you thank you thank you!
hahaha Katyayani I'm obsessed with Yoga Nidra as well:) Thanks for being here!
Wonderful respite. My dogs joined me in this field of awareness. Listened to the session twice. Look forward to see how this shapes the rest of my day. 
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David Goldstein ! I'm so happy you (and the dogs!) joined me for this one:)
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