60 Minute Yoga Flows: Full Body Tune-Up
Wade Gotwals

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I loved loved loved this practice! Just what I needed after a week of intense workouts. I feel like my whole self again. Thank you Wade!
Chanda so glad you could hit the reset button and are feeling great! thanks for sharing and joining us!!
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This was fantastic! Your sequencing was original, creative, and in tune with body intelligence : ) I was continually delighted to discover new pathways into poses, and impressed with how you very organically integrated more accessible options. Cueing was economical and effective. Just brilliant teaching. So much for me to learn here!!
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HI Kate so good to hear from you and thank you so much for such a beautiful message! Discovering new pathways to poses is probably my favorite part of teaching and so glad you resonated with it - you have beautiful writing skills- I'm gonna steal that! hahah 
This is definitely a favourite practice. I've been sandwiching my reading of COVID19 developments between a seated pranayama practice and an asana practice... great for dissipating stress!!! The tools of yoga practice are invaluable, especially these days : )
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We loved this session--Wade is now my favorite--I hope you make more videos! I love that I've done yoga for 20 years and have never done some of the poses you did in the beginning of the class---great stretches to have in my arsenal now. Also, I brought my teenage son and daughter to join me (because we are all sheltering in place bc of Covid19)--and guess what, my son discovered he really likes yoga--he had fun exploring those acrobatic balancing poses.  And my daughter appreciated your authenticity--and ability to do poses with a hurt foot. My husband and I did the class last week too--and both really enjoyed how great we felt afterward. More, please!
Allison So great to hear your story and how your family is joining in w/ the practice and most likely being inspired by you! I love hearing these positive stories during this time of mostly negative ones that we or see/hear out there right now in the world... so thank you so much for sharing it with me and the group and keeping the yoga alive and sharing it!
I loved this class! Thank you Wade 😌👌🏻🙏🏼
Hi Dezi thanks for joining and for sharing the enthusiasm!!! we need it nowadays!
Hey there Wave this episode was challenging for me, how many time do you consider is going to practice it for sblocking the some postures? Your favorite posture was difficult to me wanna try it again maybe whit more excercise before. Thanks and 🙏 
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