60 Minute Yoga Flows: Balance and Shoulder Release
Wade Gotwals

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Really great! Loving this series : ) Thank you, Wade. Your sequencing is so well-thought out... 
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HI Kate so great you are joining me and keeping your practice alive and fresh!
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I am new to yoga anytime! Have been doing yoga for two years. Absolutely in  love with  your classes! Discovering new moves and challenging myself in some deeper stretches. Thank you Wade :)
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Hi Hanabel - welcome to Yoga Anytime! So glad you are joining us and thanks for connecting and sharing, keep the curiosity and wonder alive, thats the best part! So great you are feeling it!!

Thank you!
Natacha you are so welcome thanks for Yogaing with me!!
Thanks for the fun class, Wade! I enjoyed the challenge.  Although, I had a bit of fear kicking up towards handstand.  But, it is good to push my comfort level.  Thanks for reminding me to breathe. 
HI Holly I totally understand the fear and the handstand, especially if you don't have a spotter to watch you. First of all how did it go? If you aren't ready for the full kick up just practicing repetitions of 5 kick ups with each leg without the expectation of finding the wall is a great way to build up the muscle in the upper arms and to get comfortable with being upside down in a way that most of us have done since we were kids! Happy Handstanding!!
Thanks for the wonderful flying flowing session. Loved the way I flowed from 1 asana to another. 
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Great to hear from you Devi N doesn't it feel good to defy gravity a bit!!
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