60 Minute Yoga Flows: Expand and Ignite
Wade Gotwals

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Urdhva Dhanurasana felt SO GOOD!!! Lovely sequencing. Thanks, Wade!
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Kate I'm glad you liked the work up to this because Urdhva D is a little nemesis of mine and I always wonder how people that already enjoy this asana, feel about the sequencing leading up to it..  So thanks for sharing your experience!
Hello wade your such great in telling exercise with love and joy so thank you so much for that! ❤️🙏 Namaste "_"link_type":"image", "comment_image_id":"51", "src":"//images.yogaanytime.com/202 0/03/31/full_image-56610.jpg", "alt_text":"", "sub_folder":"2020/03/31", "randomizer":"56610"}>
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Thanks Daniela - so good to hear from you and happy you are enjoying the classes!
Thanks, Wade -- another terrific flow. really enjoying your sessions! best, shawn
Thank you Shawn you are rocking the practices! One good thing about this extra time we have!
Thank you, Wade--you always provide poses that wring me out, really stretch me and that feel new--such fun moves!  You have such a generous energy and I love your classes. 
Such a great message to receive, thank you Allison and thanks for sharing the good energy with the forum too!
Thank you for this amazing class!. I’ll be repeating it every other day for a thirty-one days. At the beginning of the class,I couldn’t lift my head up on compose, I can lift it now. Thanks so much, Wade.
Hi Brenda S its great to hear from you and love the discipline and effort you are putting into this- Inspiring!!!
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