60 Minute Yoga Flows: Cleansing Flow
Wade Gotwals

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brilliant. many thx. very fluid, met all my asana needs! :)
Another amazing practice! Thanks so much!!
Hi Brian ! So glad you are feeling the 60 min flows! Hope you had a great weekend.
Loved it.  Thanks Wade.  Things are tough right now in NYC.  Glad to have an hour of Yoga.  Great practice.  Thank you. 
HI Anastasia I'm so glad you are using the tools of Yoga to navigate these challenges and hope things ease for you soon, thanks for connecting and big hug
One of my favourite classes ever, amazing sequencing. Thank you!
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HI Patricia So great to hear from you and so glad you connected with it! thank you! 
Now I know when you mean fun for me is almost die 😅😅  
It was a great journey!
I’m starting this season from beginning tomorrow! 
Thank you! 🙏🏼
hahaha Matic ! I love it and Im sure as you keep challenging yourself you will be telling me it's too easy by the end of the season!!!
Thank you Wade!  This was great as I miss being in your class.  It has been a while, due to an injury.  But this was great as I can modify as needed at home.  Thank you!
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