Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 12: Balance 6
Nathan Briner

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Restorative Rocks! 🎼🎸🙌 thank you for this lovely practice and the sweet meditation at the this the calm before the storm? LOL 😂
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Next to my love of music is my love of Yin💜   This is  my favorite practice so far, I hope there will be more restorative sessions🌾
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Very sweet... so important to include a sequence like this in combination with the more vigorous practices that precede it. Thanks, Nathan!
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Ahh, lovely practice,  Thank you! I am a day behind schedule but still here. Looking forward to the Power Sequences next!
TS get ready for the heat 😎
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Totally agree with you Jenny, I didn't see it coming 🙈. I did 2 sessions today.   
Gotta have that restorative side in our world. So good to bring down the body and mind into a quiet space. 
Thank you Nathan!
You are welcome, Cari 
I've just had to take a three week break from this series due to illness. Would you recommend starting from the beginning or carrying on. Loved the restorative session! Great one for my first session back.
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