Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 12: Balance 6
Nathan Briner

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Sarah, I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and ready to get started again. My inclination is to suggest starting over only because your energy may be a little low after the illness and the earlier don’t demand as much as the later lessons. Repetition always helps as well. Listen to your body and jump ahead if you’re feeling strong and want the extra challenge. 
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I'm back to the beginning. Thanks for the advice.
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Great to visit another side of “balance”.
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Delicious! Thank you so much for this!
So good to just chill! 
Glad you liked it Lisa
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Loved this practice especially after session 11 when i was having loads of problems with the arm balances. 
Nathan - many of these arm poses are very difficult for me as I have shoulder and tendonitis in my bicepts. I modify many of the poses, but they are a challenge. 😬
Hildy, you’re doing the right thing. Modify anything that doesn’t work for you. If you need help on anything specific please let me know. 
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It s also another challenge to catch balance inside of us and great break for our minds .I ve done it with you in my garden .Smelling flowers, feeling sun and touching ground .Thank you Nathan great time.
Banu, what a perfect environment for this kind of practice! Sounds wonderful 
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