The Bhakti Show: Ocean of Devotion
Astrud Castillo

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Loved this easy, flowy, rippling practice! Thank you.
Erika Thank you Erica, thanks for stoping by.  Hari Om...
Miss you, beautiful! Loved every word and every movement. Sang right along with you. Transported right back to morning mantras. ♥️
Paully Hari Om dear Paully! Thank you for dropping in and I'm really glad you enjoyed a little time on the mat and some Mantras!   one breath at a time....
Thanks so much! I loved the sweet singing at the end!!
Love It, Thank you
May we all find peace in the loving embrace of the Goddess. Jai Ma, jai jai Ma.
Brian ahh thank you Brian. You can find my CD-"Hari Om" by Astrud on Spotify. Take care and enjoy!
LUCIANA Ahh so welcome dear Luciana! Happy practicing and I hope you are well!
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Kate Perfect... Navaratri started last night. celebrating 9 nights of the Divine mother. Jai Ma....  Blessings!
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