Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge: Day 2: Purification & Detox
Sukhdev Jackson

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So, yesterday after day 1 I noticed much more clarity than I have been experiencing this week. Thank you so much! Definitely a challenge!
Renee, so glad you are here with us. Wild times. xok
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Whoa! That created a party in my body! SO wonderful....xox
Martha, love that image!
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Yes a challenge! Quite tingly!
Beautiful teacher, I really like your energy Sukhdev thank you! Short breaths and breathing through the mouth is not what I am used to for such a long period of time though and I have to say that it makes me feel dizzy/light-headed. So I had to stop halfway through. And staring at my nose make my eyes so sore haha but I try anyways. It was never part of my practice because of that. Tell me, why are there short breaths in kundalini yoga? I'm happy to be doing the challenge and trying it out consistently this week to see if I really dislike it (because I have never been pulled to the kriyas) or if it can work for me. Lots of love to you  
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The issues lie in the tissues. How true. Thank you for helping me on my journey of recovery. Namaste 
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WOW!!!! I feel electric after all the kriya work. I am very new to the Kundalini practice so this was very challenging for me. I am excited to take this journey. Thank you Sukhdev!
Love that final pranayama.
Liked this practice a lot...the arms extended and holding the breath was definitely challenging! Thank you
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