Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence: Go-to Sequence 2 v.1
Rosemary Garrison

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Thanks, Özlem . We're all in it together... at home. ; )
Welcome back in it, Lyse ! Let me know how the routine develops. Enjoy!
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Really nice flow from one to the next, with a good pace for morning practice. Thanks for the good-morning start! I loved it!
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Lovely! So needed after 4 weeks of Remote Teaching/learning!  Thank you!
So glad you enjoyed it, Cindy ! Brava on the remote teaching/ learning. Onward! 
Thanks, Patty ! I'm happy the flow felt good. Enjoy!
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Love this sequence at night - perfect length and great combination of poses. 
I'm so glad, Julie I hope you continue to enjoy. 
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Thank you Rosemary - I enjoyed this class and was just the right amount of time and variation for me to feel open and stretched in a balanced way xx
Mmmhhhh, Julie M , what a lovely combo. I'm happy to know you had this experience. I hope you continue to enjoy. Xxo
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