The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Loose and Light-Hearted
Kira Sloane

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thank you Kira. This hit the re set button for me body and mind. Lovely
Sarah  LOVE! xok

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perfect way to start my day!  loose and light hearted!
Fabian! Good morning.! xok
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I’m continually amazed at just how refreshed and focused I feel after these subtle practices. This was the perfect medicine for what is already what I call a “Hot Tamale” day here in CT...Thank You Kira 🌶🌽🍅❤️
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Jenny, LOVE! I know those kinda days back there! When you are sweating after just out of the shower! xoK
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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 
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So happy to have found yogaAnytime and your classes. So much love from Norway

Cecilie, so happy you are here! LOVE! xok
Petra, LOVE! xok
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