The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Breathe & Release with Nathan
Nathan Briner

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So great to practice with you again Nathan! I really got into this whole concept of front, side and back chest space to free up the breath - what a difference 👍
Jenny S!! Hey there! Yes, it was so good to be back with the Yoga Anytime crew and do a live session with everyone. I do miss the presence of students in the room but it’s great to be able to reach out in this way. 
I’m excited to say that we are gonna film a new series of lessons in March that I think you’re going to love! Very deep work that will open up new experiences and light in the practice. 
Hope to see you there! 
All my best! 
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love this practice  :))
Thank you Fabian H!
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Fantastic! As always. Excited to hear about your upcoming sessions.
Thank you Christel B! I am excited to be doing this next series. Tons of new information. I’ll look forward to connecting with you in the  war future :)
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It was so lovely to practice with you again, Nathan. I love the focus on creating space in the chest. I am excited to hear that you are all reading James Nestor’s book too; it was such an entertaining and fascinating read, and underlines all our work with the breath.
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Thanks again Nathan! This was great. Your last challenge changed my yoga practice in so many ways. Rid of chronic neck pain and learning to support a hyperextended knee. And this, finding greater space for breath. Great!
Cassandra B! Good to hear from you. Fantastic news about the chronic neck pain! Wow! This is one of the many reasons I love this practice. We learn how to help our bodies. I think that’s an incredible skill. 
I hope to connect with you again in the new year with our next project :) 
Hey Ali :)
Good to connect with you again, glad you could be part of Friday’s program. 
Yes, Nestor’s book and the others I mentioned have been opening many doors for my practice and understanding. Still tons to learn. This will be something I’ll share more in depth on the next upcoming series with Yoga Anytime. Can’t wait! Hope to see you there :) 

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