The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Breathe & Release with Nathan
Nathan Briner

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That is great news, Nathan, I will look forward to it. 
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hi Nathan good to meet you again .It was a great, slow but very deep session and enjoyed very much
Thank you Banu Y! Great to have you here with us 😊
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I'm soooo happy to hear that a new show is in the works, Nathan. This was a brilliant exploration of breath and alignment. Loved it. I'm going to see about finding those books you referenced... Many thank for this, Nathan!
You are most welcome Kate M! I think these new books will be a huge help to anyone trying to gain a better understanding of breath work, meditation and the connection of the diaphragm to movement as a whole. Check out Patrick McKoewn and James Nestor on YouTube and Joe Rogan for some quick dives into their knowledge :) 
I will totally do that, Nathan Briner !! I have at this moment the James Nestor Breath book in my Amazon in basket!!
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That was wonderful! I really enjoyed feeling into the "box" of the chest! Thank you!
Thank you Rachel S!
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Awesome class, I'm very much looking forward to your upcoming series!!! Nathan Briner
Thank you Katrin! We will make an announcement as we get closer to launch. Hope to see you there :) 
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