Winter Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 5: Earth & Water Balancing
Melina Meza

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My pleasure and I wish you all much health in 2021.
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Thank you for wonderful sequencing, I love half moon with blocks. Fun to do any moon inspired posture so close to last night's Full Moon! Love the ayurveda self care tips, great reminders of ways to easily build into daily routine. Happy New Year Melina, be well!
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Take care Sue and what a treat to do half moon on the full moon night! I hope the Ayurveda tips bring you more joy and energy in the new year.
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Thank you! This whole series was fantastic. Happy New Year!
Thank you Rosanna for coming back to the challenges!!! Great to have you with us. Happy New Year to you.
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Day 5 ... Check! Thank you for this challenge. I look forward to more. Happy Blessed, Healthy, and Peaceful New Year!
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wonderful practice. Thank you Melina! Especially loved class number 5. So good to 'see' you, as always. Really appreciate who you are. 
Elissa ~I'm happy to hear you're still watching my show and I hope we get to reconnect again in 2021! Until then...kudos to you for keeping your practice alive and know I appreciate you too!
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Love this practice! Love this challenge! Very nourishing at this time of the year, and at this time in the trajectory of the pandemic. Love.
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Thank you Melia for this wonderful series of classes. I appreciate the sense of calm and relaxation I feel right now after the Christmas Season and to welcome in the New Year with a renewed spirit. 
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