Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat: Day 9: Connect to Your Center
Suniti Dernovsek

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Thanks Suniti! I always love the creative way you craft the flow of your words with the movement of your body. The verbiage like this part of the body "talking" to or "in conversation with" that part of the body. Etc. Your way is so sensitive and unique that it catches my attention in a special way that allows me to really feel a fresh and awakened relationship with my body when I take a class with you. 
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I feel like I have reconnected with my pelvic floor. Thank you Suniti; this is one of those practices which I know will resonate for a long time.
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Thank you so much Suniti - the focus on the midline gave me a new way to experience my body and core.  I loved making rainbows in side plank. Now I know why it’s one of my favorite poses!  
Elissa P, You are welcome!  It is always a pleasure to read your comments. Thanks for being here and for practicing with me. I'm all about relationships and connections and am glad the pedagogy is resonating with you. 
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Ali, Wonderful!
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Beth F! I love thinking of my core as midline. Like an apple core.  Changes everything. Thank you!
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Thank you Suniti*  What a wonderful, miraculous urdhva dhanur!
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Wow! I loved the balance of gentleness and strength in this class. Feeling into the shape and presence of the pelvic floor really helped me to feel the integration of the poses and to relax into them, and it's also so grounding. I think my pelvic floor has been asleep! Also love how attention to the midline helps with the balance and awareness of where you're working yoo hard or not enough. It's amazing how body awareness and bring us into a new level of being and awareness overall. Thank you! 🙏
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This class has changed my yoga practice. thanks Suniti! 
Sari M , Woo hoo! Feeling into miraculous back bends! Lovely!
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